Kobold's Ravine


Ravine going through the steppe near the Xeba Mountains. The Xeba River flows into and along the ravine. Its walls are filled with entrances into the cave network underneath the steppe. The bottom of the caves holds a huge population of common blue kobolds.


The first location visited by the adventurers in the campaign. Descending into the cave system, they’ve been stalked by kobolds thus Bannie set up one of his bomb traps near the underground river. Unfortunately, he was the one who got into a simple pitfall trap. After killing two kobolds and chopping off one’s ears and making him flee, they’ve found a treasure chest which ended up being a mimic. During the fight, Plautus attempted to teleport the items inside of the mimic outside but they have accidentally positioned the earless kobold into his mouth. Reaching inside of it, Jasmine got her arm stuck inside of it, after which Captain Lockhart and Bannie J have made the mouth close even more. The clacking sound, they’ve been hearing during the combat, has appeared to be a pickaxe coming closer from above them. The miner caused a rock avalanche which knocked the adventurers out.

Kobold's Ravine

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